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Strengthening Ties: Türkiye and UAE Forge Strategic Cooperation with Series of Deals

The bond between Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has witnessed remarkable growth, fueled by a series of new commercial and economic cooperation...

Qatar and Turkey to sign 11 new agreements to boost bilateral cooperation

With the 7th Session of the Supreme Strategic Committee between Qatar and Turkey set to take place today, the two countries will ink 11 new...

Pakistan envisions friendly relationship with Bangladesh

LAHORE, Pakistan Pakistan envisions a friendly and strong relationship with Bangladesh, and the recent exchange of dialogue between the two countries on trade and economic...

Murabaha: UAE banks raise $350 million for Pakistan government

Originally mandated to raise $200 million, the syndication facility was oversubscribed more than 75%.Ajman Bank and Commercial Bank of Dubai have raised $350 million (Dh1.28 billion)...

Riyadh, Islamabad deepen strategic partnership

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud Tuesday emphasised the importance of enhancing economic ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, saying...

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Want to be a Millionaire, you need to think like a millionaire

Just to be clear by "millionaire", I mean self made millionaire and not the inherited ones …lol 😆My Coach says, To think like a self made millionaire, you must...


Indonesia to have advanced economy with more entrepreneurs: VP

We have learnt an important lesson that innovation, digital technology, and an entrepreneurial passion will multiply productivity and competitivenessJakarta (ANTARA) - A country's economy...

Pakistan permits the shipment of poultry to Afghanistan

The ban on the shipment of poultry and poultry products to Afghanistan has been abolished by Pakistan. Ambassador Mohammad Sadiq, Pakistan’s Special Representative for...

China to establish a huge buffalo farm in Pakistan

According to sources, the royal group is a Chinese corporation with the goal of producing high-quality milk, will develop a massive buffalo farm in...