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Want to be a Millionaire, you need to think like a millionaire

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Just to be clear by “millionaire”, I mean self made millionaire and not the inherited ones …lol ????

My Coach says, To think like a self made millionaire, you must first understand their choices in life and in business

➡️ What do they spend their time on?
➡️ What tasks do they focus on?
➡️ Where do they derive their income from?
➡️ What do they invest themselves in?

Millionaires look at how they can take more off their plate and invest their time in the activities that really move the needle.

The truth is, the more successful you become, its what you say ‘No’ to that makes the difference

The point is hitting refresh on your email again and again, checking the social media constantly, spending way too much time on things that are not important is like living life in a ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????

These chores will keep you busy but won’t make you any money and it won’t allow you to invest your time into deep work that produces revenue

So here is the bottom line – Being Busy is not same as Being Productive

Our Lives are full of distractions and it is hard to stay focused on the important tasks

If you are a Coach who’s looking to Scale, you need to Move your Focus from doing the everyday work to producing revenue generating activities for your business

The Money in Business is not in your products or service, it is in the Selling of your Products or Services

If you are not seeing the Results In spite of:

❌Spending MORE time chained to your computer
❌Joining endless FB groups
❌Posting content
❌Deleting when it doesn’t get traction
❌Hiring VA’s to handle your work

Then, check if you understand your Market and your prospects deepest desires, pains, fears, hopes and dreams.

You need to know them better and then craft a Marketing Messages that effectively communicate how you can solve the problems they have

Doing this will help you speak in the language your dream clients understand

Any industry you are in for you to scale in the business you need to be ???? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????

By Sister Arjuman

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