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Agadir-Taghazout, an active destination

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In the west of the country, bordered by the waves of the Atlantic, Agadir is one of the pearls of Morocco. Whatever the season, the sun pours its rays and the city enjoys a pleasant climate that the trade winds still soften. Above all, its 10-kilometre-long seafront offers tourists magnificent views of the blue ocean and the opportunity to laze around in the best conditions

The main seaside resort of the country, the city with 300 days of sunshine per year, is full of activities. At the water’s edge, cafés and restaurants open their doors to you, introduce you to the local gastronomy and submit their specialities to the enlightened judgements of your taste buds!

Further on in the city, the El Had souk spreads out through the streets, deploys its stalls: more than 6,000 shops offer themselves to your curiosity and you will enjoy strolling in this atmosphere animated by the negotiations of the merchants. Never sleepy, the city welcomes every summer the Timitar festival dedicated to world music and more specifically to Amazigh music.

Open to the ocean and the world, Agadir is an active city where it is good to relax.

The must-see places in and around Agadir-Taghazout

An enjoyable respite from Agadir bustle
Unleash your passion in the Atlantic Ocean

Bordered by the ocean and bathed in year-round sun, Agadir is the capital of seaside tourism in Morocco. With an ideal geographical position, a large choice of hotels and recreational centers and a variety of modern infrastructures, there are unlimited opportunities for active visitors. Seize them and enjoy your favorite sport in an impossibly beautiful setting.

Water activities are note to be outdone in Agadir. The wind-whipped Atlantic Ocean is a perfect space for surfers. With quality equipment, and waves suiting surfers ability, Agadir has all the ingredients for their surfing experience to be an unforgettable one !

This once sleepy fishing village, a few miles from Agadir, is now a world-class seaside resort. The nearby Killer Point and Anchor Point are onr of the favorite spots for the most experienced surfers.

In the Bay of Agadir, the water is a lot calmer. Children can frolic safely and swimmers can venture offshore with joy. Back on the beach, recreational options abound : from jet skiing, to sailing and parasailing, There is someting to everyone seeking for thrills.

Between the calm waters of the bay and the tumultuous waves of Taghazout, the Atlantic Ocean around Agadir will overwhelm you with fun and sensational activities.

Agadir, one of the most beautiful bays in the world

Agadir, one of the most beautiful bays in the world

Agadir, a wonderful nature escape

As a seaside city, the beautiful Agadir is not to be outdone. The untainted beauty of nature and its richness, charm its visitors.

Located in one of the most beautiful pearls of nature : the Bay of Agadir, Agadir is considered as one of the most beautiful in the world since 2002. In addition to offering wonderful corners where you can relax, it has a beautiful coastline, and enchanting sceneries.

A little far away from the centre, takes place a wonder : The Cocco Polizzi medina. Being rebuilt after the 1960 earthquake, it expands on a large surface in the middle of a eucalyptus forest. The Valley of the Birds is another magnificent park open to the public free of charge, which expands over two and a half hectares. Pass through the gates and enter a completely different world : everywhere, alleys lined with palm trees and exotic flowers, bodies of water, birds from worldwide species, but also monkeys, kangaroos or llamas that make very friendly companions !

Explore the beautiful Agadir, and let your imagination will run wild !

In the thick of the lively city

In the thick of the lively city

Thrill in the cityscape

Agadir boasts both the ocean, and its breathtaking hinterland. In the east of the city, stand the mountains of the Anti-Atlas. Their crenellated reliefs make up majestic landscapes in which to engage in all kinds of sporting activities.

If you enjoy the strolls, there are trails in the area that allow you to go on an exciting adventure in complete safety. In the surrounding area, go on a camel or a horseback and ride through the picturesque region. Bicycles are also available ; so many opportunities to go out with your beloved ones !

For more peaceful sports lovers, Agadir is one of Morocco’s golfing featured destination. Numerous courses allow you to work on your swing and relax in the middle of an enchanting setting filled with mimosas and eucalyptus trees.

Agadir varies the settings and opportunities to be enjoyed : the Anti-Atlas is an ideal place for golf lovers who can enjoy the courses in the middle of a breathtaking scenery where they can only find peacefulness and serenity.

Where to find out more
Regional Tourism Council d’Agadir
Address : Imm Chambre de Commerce d’Agadir Av. Hassan II
Tel : 0528 842 629 /38
Fax : 0528 842 595
Email : contact@visitagadir.com

Moroccan National Tourism Office. (2021, January 27). Agadir-Taghazout, an active destination. Retrieved from https://www.visitmorocco.com/en/travel/agadir-taghazout

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