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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Muslim Collaboration in America: Justification and Boundaries

Islam and Muslims have a long history in America and are very much a part of the legacy of the United States. Muslims and...

Why Adoption and Fostering Must be Our Muslim Duty

“H-H-Hello, Asalaamu’alaykum. Umm, my name is Amna and I have two young children. The state is terminating my parental rights, and there’s nothing I...

The Key to an Islamic Adoption: Your Last Will and Testament

At the very heart of misconceived reservations about adopting children within the Islamic framework is something… quite beautiful. Islam refuses to strip a child...

Crowded hajj also an intense personal experience

Like most Muslims, I had been preparing my entire life to one day embark on the hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, that is one...