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Cricketers Kane Williamson and David Warner fast in solidarity with Muslim teammate Rashid Khan

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Khan uploaded a video to his Instagram feed, sitting with his teammates, ready for iftar.

Rashid Khan, the Afghanistan men’s cricket team vice-captain, uploaded a heart warming video on his Instagram recently. The video features Kiwi skipper Kane Williamson and the former Aussie captain David Warner waiting for iftar. The pair observed a fast with their Muslim teammate in solidarity.

These are three of the most likeable men in world cricket right now. In addition to being exceptionally talented, all three have also garnered much love from fans for their personalities as well.

During this year’s IPL season, the trio appear together in Sunrisers Hyderabad’s orange and black strip, with Warner also serving as the team captain. As Ramazan and the season overlap this year, it’s nice to see the very human behind the scenes from the lives of these otherwise fiercely warrior-like competitive individuals.

Cricket statistician and writer Mazher Arshad shared the video on Twitter and confessed that it made him smile.

“These two legends are having fast today,” Khan announces in the video.

When he asks Warner about his fast, Warner confesses he’s “very thirsty and very hungry”. “My mouth is so dry,” he laughs. We’ve been there.

When the only nice guy that finishes first, Williamson, is made to answer the same question he’s much more optimistic. Throwing up a thumbs-up, he replies, “Very good, thanks.”

“These two legends are having a fast today. It is a pleasure to have them at the table,” said Khan.

Fans of cricket from around the world took great pleasure in the video and reminded us that sports have the ability to unite people across cultures, borders, caste and creed.

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