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Deviance from the Right Path

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Since we have lost connection with our creator, we have become slaves of his creation.

By Bisma Farooq Sheikh

We are suffering from countless ills like moral degradation, juvenile delinquency, elder abuse, mistrust in family, and human rights violation. Researchers, religious scholars, and social activists are working hard to unravel the causes and find remedies, But there is just a one common cause and one solution. Cause is deviance from the right path and solution is re kindling the dead souls, rejuvenating the spiritual roots, and connecting to Allah. The day when our conscience will wake up and we will believe that we are 24*7 under the surveillance of Almighty Allah, our every action is being recorded, and we will be accountable for our actions, we will tremble with fear before doing anything wrong. And if we commit any wrong, our conscience will not let us be at peace until we seek repentance.

But Alas! Nowadays wrong is not considered a wrong but a new norm. We lack “Deed e Qasoor”, insight into our faults. If we mend our relation with Allah and become true believers, we will bloom with peace and prosperity as we will become sensitive towards rights of others and our responsibilities. We will work productively and sincerely, as we will always try to earn “Rizq e Halal”. If we have a religious factory owner he will never do food adulteration, if we have a religious teacher he will never skip class, a true believer is loyal and dutiful, he will not indulge in wrong affairs. A true believer is dutiful to his parents and elders. He will not maltreat others and will be affectionate towards others. He will be a good spouse/good friend/good colleague/good professional as he always wants to please Allah and don’t want the wrath of Allah to befall him and thereby will always be on toes to become an obedient servant of the Lord.

Many mental health issues are the result of deviance from the path of Allah. A true believer is always happy as he finds meaning in everything; he trusts Allah and believes that whatever happen is for good. He always counts blessings while others remain busy complaining for their troubles. All the characteristics of happy people are within religious people; they show gratitude, they are altruistic, they are content, they are optimistic, they see everything in a positive way, they meditate and transcend above the worldly worries. They live in present without any worry for future. A true believer is high on taqwa and tawakal unlike we common people who trust Allah but in our hearts there is always some doubt and uncertainty. Many of us are sure about receiving positive response from parents/friends but are never sure when they seek help from Almighty – the in charge of everything between earth and heavens. They don’t know the power of almighty, who created us; who alternates day and night, summer and winter, life and death. Isn’t he to provide us what we ask. We can’t have more or less than what is destined. No one can snatch from us whatever is meant for us. So there is no space for envy, jealousy, playing dirty games, or using unethical means. There are many people who don’t want success for the sake of success but to cherish the downfall of others. They never get satisfied. They always keep on aspiring for luxuries.

In present times life has become comfortably complex. Our physical burden has lessened but our mental burden has tremendously increased. Despite having every facility we long for tranquillity, peace and serenity. Our minds always remain occupied and keep chasing different things without any pause. Due to “the world at a single click” philosophy our mindset has totally changed. We see life through this mechanical prism. We want our hopes, dreams and wishes to be fulfilled in a flash. We don’t want to wait. We seek quick results. We have become victims of time urgency and psychological obsolescence. We want to attain too much in minimum time, as a result our lives become full of misery and dissatisfaction. We need to accept this reality from beginning that life is not a restaurant where whatever we order will be served on table. We can’t have life without failures and sufferings. We can’t always be in a state of good health. Sometimes we will have to taste illness; we can’t always succeed, sometimes we will face failure. We need to learn that social relations are important in our lives but we need to set limits. We need to realise that people will support us but only to certain point. Life is a solo play. Parents and teachers should prepare children for this from the very beginning. We have generation with high IQ but low Emotional intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence and Social Intelligence. The result is poor mental health, dissatisfaction with life, and impatience. Our young generation is emotionally so weak that they can’t stand a minor setback in life. If we would have learnt reliance on Allah and followed the Quran and Sunnah from beginning, our lives would have been much more peaceful and prosperous. The problem in our times is that we have huge knowledge of deen but fail to practice it. We are walking encyclopaedias with poor art of living. Since we have lost connection with our creator, we have become slaves of his creation. All social evils will be curbed the day we become practicing Muslims.

We set big goals in this world and work tirelessly for achieving them. We accumulate worldly stuff as if we will never die and have forgotten our real purpose which is living the life the way we are taught by our prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Sheikh, Bisma Farooq. (2021, October 14). Deviance from the Right Path. Retrieved from https://www.greaterkashmir.com/todays-paper/editorial-page/deviance-from-the-right-path

The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and does not necessarily reflect Alfafaa’s editorial views

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