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Hijab – Poem

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Women, some say are built like hollow ground,
Our souls bruised and beaten with stares and frowns
Our Iman is safe, but make sure to look around
We are proud in our hijabs as others go without bounds
Allah is KING, my heart sings loud
As I wear my hijab for all to see,
My khimar like a queen is my crown
As my life and death is for Him no doubt…

Some sisters these days sell themselves too cheaply
All cause some guy
Fools them into thinking that maybe they’re free!
Our lives entwined with desires and pain
We rush to celebrity seeking happiness and fame
Then trials and fitna from the media invade
And pop music entraps us and our fortress fades

A wink and a shove in the streets between a brother and sister
Show the lack of hayat that has evaded our Ummah
The hijab you see, is not just a dress, in which we for others are meant to impress
But rather the feat in which our Iman behests
To the Rahma of my Lord I indeed request
That on the Day of judgement our sisters are blessed
For the choices we made and for passing this tremendous

Mohamed, Milgo. (2021, June 28). Hijab. Retrieved from https://sunnahonline.com/your-poetry/720-hijab

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