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I was a Hindu and this is my journey to Islam

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After finishing school in India, I went to London, a day or two after moving to London, I was in a bus and I saw a guy board the bus. This guy was indian and is a muslim. We began speaking to each other in the bus and became friends.

One day this boy asked me what I feel about religion and God. I told him I didn’t believe in God. I had NO INTEREST in going to temples. In fact I always thought Hinduism was utter rubbish since a tender age of 4-5. But I never tried to think or ponder about the topic of GOD/religion etc.

My friend gave me dawah for 2 years and towards the end of the 2nd year he played a video called ” Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad SAW” before his death. I listened to this sermon carefully and by the end of it I was crying a little. The last Sermon of the Prophet SAW was so beautiful that I felt in my heart that Islam is the truth. But I didn’t take shahada at that time either.

After a few months, I had my final exam at university and I made dua to Allah so that I pass because I had NO hopes of passing, I said ” Oh Allah if you help me pass I will pray to you to thank you ”

And I did pass so I asked the same friend to teach me how to pray. I stood up on the prayer mat and I said Allahu Akbar to start my salah and right at that moment I broke down and I cried for an hour. I knew right at that moment that Islam is the truth. I just wanted to keep my promise to Allah and wanted to pray salah, I did not know what Allahu Akbar meant but when I uttered it for the first time in my life it made me cry.

And it was the first time I cried out of happiness in my heart. It felt as though Iman entered my heart in a second. I have no idea what made me cry but I felt so much of peace in my heart. It was an indescribable feeling. I took my shahada after my friend gave me dawah for 2 years on March 30th 2015.

Anonymous Sister

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