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Our parents are often misunderstood

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When mom comes and sits in your room, she isn’t invading your personal space. Sometimes, she’s just trying to escape her own thoughts.

When dad wakes you up early in the morning and takes you to buy groceries, he is just trying to bond with you, in his own way.

Every time mom asks you, “what are you smiling at?” when you are using your phone, she isn’t being nosy. She just wants to be a part of your life, because the two of you barely talk anymore.

Every time dad asks, “where are you going?”, I know it feels like an investigation, but I suppose, he just wants to know. We often share our live location with our friends, but how often do we share it with our parents?

You know, mom doesn’t hate ‘outside food’, she hates that she had cooked food for you, but you ordered instead. and when she cooks your favorite meal, all she hopes to hear you say is,
‘it’s tasty.’

Dad will say things like, “I earn for you all”, but grunt if you buy books or more clothes. Dads are weird that way, but I suppose, he just wants you to spend wisely. Growing up, he has struggled, and he understands the value of money.

I know, I know, there’s a generation gap, but let’s not forget, while we are growing up, they are growing older, too. They are humans, too, and just like us, our parents can feel lonely and are misunderstood.

I guess, all that we can do is listen to them.

By Angel Azra

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