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Qasida Burda – Nasheed Video

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The al-Burda, also called Qasida (hymn) Burda, is an Arabic poem honoring the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The name means ‘poem of the mantle’ or ‘of the cloak’.

…I began to contemplate writing a poem in the qasida form, and soon after, I did so as a way of interceding by it with the Messenger of God to God, the Exalted, hoping that he might heal me.

I was repeating it often, singing it, calling upon God through it, and seeking intercession with it. During that time, while sleeping, I saw the Prophet, upon him and his family be prayers and peace. He wiped over my face with his blessed hand and thrust upon me his cloak. I immediately got up and left my house. I had told no one of my poem nor of anything I had been doing prior to that.

On the road, I met a fellow spiritual wayfarer, who said to me, “I want you to give me a copy of the poem you wrote in praise of the Prophet, upon him be prayers and peace.”

I responded, “which one?”

He said, “The one you wrote during your illness.”

He then recited its opening lines saying, “By God, I heard it in a vision last night recited in the presence of God’s messenger, upon him and his family blessing and peace. It greatly pleased the prophet, and I saw him thrust his cloak on the one who wrote it!”

I provided him with a copy, and he began telling others of his vision. Thus its news spread far and wide.

Imam al-Busiri

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