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Qatar’s healthcare system ranked among top 20 worldwide and best in the region

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Numbeo had conducted a study that ranked countries based on the Health Care Index for the year 2021.

The results of the study indicate that the State of Qatar has the best health care system in the GCC region, while also being recognized among the top 20 countries worldwide.

Taiwan (86.39), South Korea (82.34), France (80.99), Japan (80.68), and Denmark (79.96) were the five nations that attained the highest scores on the list.

Moreover, Qatar was able to achieve a Health Care Index score of 73 and has been ranked 20th on the list of 93 entries.

The healthcare system of all entries has been scored based on its overall health quality and factors such as healthcare professionals, equipment, costs and waiting time.

Numbeo presented its study results on a scale from 0 to 100, allowing users to easily understand the information collected.

Qatar had scored 68.23 (high) under ‘skill and competency of medical staff’, 69.66 (high) under ‘speed in completing examination and reports’, 88.28 (very high) under ‘equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment’ and 69.53 (high) under ‘accuracy and completeness in filling out reports.’

Furthermore, a score of 76.16 (high) was attained for ‘friendliness and courtesy of the staff’, 56.35 (moderate) under satisfaction with responsiveness in medical institutions, 75.00 (high) under ‘satisfaction with cost’ and 78.82 (high) under ‘convenience of location’.

The highly impressive scores attained by the State of Qatar is the result of the government’s continuous investment in the field of medicine and research, enabling it to create one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

For more information on Numbeo’s Health Care Index by Country 2021, please visit numbeo.com/health-care/rankings

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