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Self Rectification

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Adopting Zuhd (Asceticism)

Reality of Zuhd: It is the self’s aversion to the world and voluntary withdrawal from it despite the ability to acquire it.

Fruits of Attaining Zuhd: Being content and satisfied with whatever Allāh ﷻ has provided one with in regard to food, clothes, wealth, health and ‘īmān (faith).

Allāh ﷻ says in the Qur’ān, “Whoever wants the harvest of the hereafter, We will increase his harvest for him. And whomever wants the harvest of the world, We will give it to him, yet he will have no share of the hereafter.” (42:20)

The Prophet ﷺ mentioned, “Be disinclined towards the dunyā, Allāh will love you.” (Ibn Mājah)

How to attain zuhd?

  • Realizing that the hereafter is better and everlasting compared to the worldly life,
  • Gaining the fear of the hellfire,
  • Desiring the bounties of the hereafter,
  • Being content with what Allāh ﷻ has bestowed upon us and being grateful for all of our blessing and bounties.

Love (For Allāh)

The meaning of beloved is that the heart is inclined towards it. Every enjoyable thing is beloved to man. Enjoyment occurs after perception which is of two types:

1. External Perception- attained by the five senses, example; the eye enjoys pleasure in looking at beautiful objects.

2. Internal Perception- located in the heart, example is like prayer, whoever’s heart is corrupt will never attain the enjoyment of prayer. Only when it is sound will one really experience the joy of prayer. A Muslims internal perception has to recognize the beauty and grandeur of Allāh. After all is there any benefactor besides Allāh? Is there any enjoyment, joy, or bounty which has been created by any being besides Allāh?

The Prophet ﷺ mentioned “None of you can have true imān (faith) until Allāh and His messenger become more beloved to him than everything else.” (Bukhārī)

How to Gain Love (for Allāh)?

  • Pondering over the favors and bounties Allāh has blessed us with. We can never enumerate them.
  • Granting precedence to the commands of Allāh over one’s desires.
  • Having a strong desire to meet Allāh, being prepared for death at all times.
  • Being pleased with the decisions of Allāh.

Tawakkul (Reliance) Upon Allāh

Refers to a condition which is created when one regards Allāh to be Unique, the Only Doer of everything, and Independent. The effect of tawakkul becomes apparent in ones actions.

The Prophet ﷺ mentioned “Whoever turns his complete attention to Allāh, Allāh will suffice for all his needs and grant him sustenance from where he never imagined. (Shu’abul Īmān)

Weakness of yaqīn (conviction) can cause a lack in ones tawakkul. Place complete reliance upon Allāh and hand all of your matters to Him.

Benefits of Having Tawakkul:

  • Relieves one from any doubts, anxieties, or worry of any impending difficulties.
  • Helps one take on challenges with ease and go through trials and tribulations with a peace of mind.
  • Assists in seeing the bigger picture; even if Allāh closes one door, He opens several others. “And it is possible that you love something (for yourself) while it is an evil for you.”

How to Increase Tawwakul in Allāh?

  • When faced with a difficulty, remember Allāh and seek help in Him alone.
  • Recognize and understand the Divine Attributes of Allāh.
  • Practice engaging in shukr (gratitude).
  • Strive towards your goals with the attitude that Allāh will assist you. After all, tawakkul requires a certain amount of effort.

Being Pleased with the Decree of Allāh!

The Prophet ﷺ once said “ When Allāh loves a servant, He tests him. If he is pleased with Allāh’s decree, He makes him His chosen servant.” (Musnad ul-Firdous)

Sometimes we may undergo certain difficulties in life which lead us to think about why it occurred? Why it took place? What did we do to deserve it, etc? We have to attain this realization that Allāh is that Being who is All-Knowing. Allāh is aware of that which we aren’t aware of. Just like how a doctor prescribes a patient with an injection or bitter medication, the patient willingly accepts the difficulty of taking the bitter medicine and is pleased with the doctor cause his intellect informs him of the benefits it will bring, similarly also we have to be pleased and content with whatever Allāh decrees for us, as there is khair (good) in everything He decrees. This will result in us having peace of mind and not worrying nor stressing about any difficulties which we may come across in life. How do we achieve this desired quality?

The Prophet ﷺ taught us a strategy to acquire this state:

“Do not look to those above you. Look to those below you, as it will more likely remind you of Allāh’s favors bestowed on you.” (Bukhārī)

By Moulana Hamoon Masudi

Al-Hikmah Institute

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