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Zakat | How to Mobilize Charity to Rebuild Lives in Gaza

By Safia Malik The Zakat (Zakaat, Zakah) is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. If a Muslim is eligible, they must fulfill the requirement...

Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (R.A)

The rightly guided Caliphs, May Allah be Pleased with them, followed the steps of Messenger of Allah . Among many things, they give special attention...

Turkish NGO gives tons of wheat seeds to crisis-ridden Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been going through a rough patch as the nation's takeover by the Taliban and the subsequent chaos coincided with increasing struggles for...

Charity Appeal

https://youtu.be/F4SK4QYThJY https://youtu.be/BthbGfIPmCc Click here for more charity appeal videos

Rizqy Business: 12 Ways To Increase Rizq

I’ve worked in and around the City for around 15 years now and one of the aspects of working in one of the financial...

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