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Islamic Adoption

The Fiqh of Adopting a Child

<QUESTION> What is the Fiqh of adopting a child? <ANSWER> In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, Adopting someone else’s child, bringing it up, seeing to...

Not being able to have children, an Islamic perspective.

1. ALLĀH ﷻ says in the Quran "Money and Children are the joys of this world" but also says "know that your money and...

Why Adoption and Fostering Must be Our Muslim Duty

“H-H-Hello, Asalaamu’alaykum. Umm, my name is Amna and I have two young children. The state is terminating my parental rights, and there’s nothing I...

The Key to an Islamic Adoption: Your Last Will and Testament

At the very heart of misconceived reservations about adopting children within the Islamic framework is something… quite beautiful. Islam refuses to strip a child...

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