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Authority and Adults

This is an alarming pattern I've noticed for years among westernized American Muslims. When the role of the husband as the head of the family...

Hadith on the Virtue Of One Whose Child Dies And He Seeks Reward

In solace with brothers an sisters who have lost their children, I would like to share some hadith of Rasul Allah sallalhu alaihe wa...

Our parents are often misunderstood

When mom comes and sits in your room, she isn’t invading your personal space. Sometimes, she’s just trying to escape her own thoughts. When dad...

Four Sayings that Show a Mother’s Status in Islam

By Habeeba Husain Walking outside this past weekend, I realized we are indeed in the midst of spring. The trees, no longer bare, boast several...

Children are like plants


Say not even “Fie” to Parents

In America there are many special days set aside to honor and appreciate special people. Some of these are: Father's Day, Mother's Day, Grandfather's...

Rights of Parents and Relatives

RIGHT OF PARENTS The Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallamhas laid stress on the rights of parents and duties of children, in the same way as he...

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