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Pakistan envisions friendly relationship with Bangladesh

LAHORE, Pakistan  Pakistan envisions a friendly and strong relationship with Bangladesh, and the recent exchange of dialogue between the two countries on trade and economic...

Why can’t a Muslim girl have a boyfriend?

Why can't a Muslim girl have a boyfriend? Why isn't it allowed for her to love and be in a relationship? Simply put, Islam highly...

Riyadh, Islamabad deepen strategic partnership

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud Tuesday emphasised the importance of enhancing economic ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, saying...

Thoughts on the Relationship Between a Healthcare Practitioner and al-Shāfī

Our personal du`as are spoken humbly and quietly (taḍarru`an wa khufyatan) between ourselves and Allah. We do not teach them to others – not our...

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