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The lion, snake, mice and the honey comb

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Imam Ghazali (Rahmatullah Alaih) told a story of a man walking in the jungle. A roaring lion ran towards him and the man ran as fast as he could to escape from it. He noticed a well in front of him and he jumped inside hoping to escape from the lion. As he was falling inside the well, he grabbed onto the rope and saved himself. The man was so relieved but when he looked down he saw a big snake at the bottom of the well. It had its jaws wide open ready to swallow him up. The man then looked up and saw two mice nibbling at the rope. A black mouse and a white were both chewing into the rope. The scary lion was still prowling outside the well.

The man’s heart was pounding as he wondered how he could escape from this. Then he noticed a honeycomb in front of him which had delicious honey dripping from it. He stuck his finger into the honey and put it inside his mouth. It was so delicious and for a moment he completely forgot about the scary lion outside the well waiting for him, the big snake at the bottom of the well with its jaws wide open to swallow him up and the two mice chewing at the rope that he is hanging onto for his dear life.

Imam Ghazali (Rahmatullah Alaih) explained that the lion is like the angel of death which is always looming above us. The snake is like his grave which all humans
will face. The black mouse and the white mouse are like the day and night which are always nibbling at our life (The Rope). The honey is like this Dunya which with its momentary sweetness makes us forget the death and the eternal life. May Allah wake us up from the sleep and save us before it’s too late. Aameen.


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